August 17, 2016 – Itascatur Club Headwaters Planning Meeting

Coldwell Banker


  • Mike Perez
  • Nikki Davis
  • Carolyn Spangler
  • Maurice Spangler
  • Barb Jauquet-Kalinoski
  • Sandy Perez
  • Arlette Van Wyhe
  • Janine Weideman
  • Mike Weideman
  • Kevin Brauer
  • Renee Brauer
  • Clay Peterson
  • Mary Peterson
  • Eric Haugland
  • Shannon Barnett

Meeting Agenda

    • Special Permits – Sandy
      • MNDOT/ Hwy 71 Parade Permit filed
      • DNR – Heartland Trail Use permit filed
      • Itasca State Park – Permit filed
      • Century School is secured (Maurice files permit request Monday following the ride day)
    • SAG – Renee
      • Renee will get started; already has several volunteers committed.
      • Wristbands brought up: Decided against, not sure whose number would go on it. Considered it for identifying Headwaters riders but decided that’s not so critical for SAG vehicles.
    • Registrations – Shannon
      • 82 as of today (129 in 2015)
      • Ad sets on Facebook; Twitter:
        Facebook: Ad placed before 13,878 people; 763 engaged with ad (clicked)
        Twitter: Ad placed before 22,000 people; 310 engaged with ad (clicked)
      • Will send an email blast to encourage sign ups.
      • Ordered jerseys to fill orders already placed and to have on hand for sales on ride day.
      • Will order a PayPal credit card chip reader at $149. (Approved by board; if we process credit cards not using the chip reader we run the risk of absorbing loss due to credit card fraud.)
      • No t-shirts will be ordered for riders who register the Monday before – through ride day (worked well last year)
      • Planning on utilizing technology to cut down on hand-entering registrations on ride day.
      • Arlette and Shannon will ask more people to take a shift on ride day so the same three people don’t have to stay all day.
    • Signs and maps – Mike W
      • Have maps left over from last year.
      • Discussed putting SAG coordinator phone number on paper maps; would need to print a phone number on paper labels and apply to year-old maps. Can also temporarily post phone number to website (remove immediately after).
      • Clay Peterson volunteered to help with signing.
      • There are trees being cut on County 18, Mike W will contact county engineer to see if this will have an impact on the route on ride day.
    • T-Shirts – Nikki
      • T-shirts will be a long sleeve wicking T in navy blue, perhaps printed in a neon color.
      • Volunteer t-shirts: will be new this year with a slightly different design (will have “Volunteer” printed somewhere).
      • Shannon will provide Nikki/ Tracey with registrant t-shirt numbers at intervals.
    • Food – Mike P
      • Coborn’s is on board with providing food for ride day. Will talk to food stop key people to see if any changed need to be made.
      • Will test providing baked potatoes at Mantrap; good starch source and portable.
      • Food will be staged at Mike P’s garage. Anyone who wants to help sort is welcome to come on Friday Sept. 23 (Time TBD).
      • Revisit purchasing coffee servers – need 4 total (1 at Century, 2 at Itasca and 1 water at Itasca). Arlette and Mike P will discuss purchasing beverage servers.
      • Century School will need water this year, for returning riders so they don’t have to walk all the way down the hall and use fountains.
      • McDonald’s provides coffee.
      • Mike P and Mike W will organize inventory, pick up canopies and weights, and coolers from chamber.
      • Sandy will contact John Stewart at DNR to see if they will leave the porta-potties open at Dorset.
      • Kevin has contacted Phil about the Lions providing support at Itasca food stop.
      • Sandy said Michelle Thieman will help at Mantrap and perhaps get folks from her department. Michelle will also see if there is any money CHI/ St. Joseph’s could give us. (Perhaps pay for entertainment.)
      • Stacy Feder has Nevis and the Nevis track team will volunteer at that food stop again for a donation of $500 from Itascatur.
      • Food quantity needs to be nailed down for 600 riders so we don’t have a lot left over – all left overs go to food shelf, but some items are not packaged and so the food shelf is not interested in them. The question of cutting back on bagels was brought up – one of the items that the food shelf doesn’t want to take. Barb reported riders at Mantrap seemed to want sandwiches more than bagels.
      • Shannon will send the board weekly updates of registration numbers.

Next meeting September 1, 2016 at Coldwell Banker, 5:00 PM
Meeting adjourned.

Meeting Minutes