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Board Members

President Renee Brauer
Past President Sandy Perez
Bike Director Richard Jarrett
Ski Director    
Treasurer Maurice Spangler
Membership Director Kevin Brauer
Spending Committee Head Mike Perez
Barbara Jauquet-Kalinoski Secretary
Member At Large Diane Brophy
Member At Large    
Member At Large Eric Haugland
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Meeting Minutes
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Itascatur Discussion Board

Click here to read the Itascatur Discussion board.  This is where Itascatur members discuss upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and group activities. You are welcome and encouraged to join in!

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Soaring Eagle Member Access

Click here for Itascatur member’s access to Soaring Eagle Ski Trails and equipment usage.

Itascatur forms

Itascatur letter head

This letter head is a Word document, in .docx format, which is compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 on both Windows and Mac platforms. The cursor should appear in the body of the document, after the letter head portion when it is opened.

To save the document to your computer: 1) Click on the link above, which will open the document in Word. In the file menu, select “Save As” and select the folder where you wills tore the document. In the case of a “Read Only” warning, simply change the name of the document slightly (i.e. from “Itascatur-letter-head.docx” to “Itascatur-letter-head-1.docx”.) or 2) Right-click on the link above, select “Save Link As” and select the location to save, then click OK.