September 1, 2016 – Itascatur Club Headwaters Planning Meeting

Coldwell Banker


  • Sandy Perez
  • Barb Jauquot-Kalinoski
  • Kevin & Renee Brauer
  • Maurice Spangler
  • Barb Jauquet-Kalinoski
  • Arlette Van Wyhe
  • Mike Perez
  • Janine Weideman
  • Mike Weideman
  • Candy Malm
  • Mary Peterson
  • Nancy Terhark
  • Mary Peterson
  • Eric Haugland
  • Shannon Barnett

Meeting Agenda

  • Special Permits – Sandy
    • MN/DOT Hwy 71 permit sent out
    • Heartland Trail permit sent out
    • Itasca State Park permit sent out
    • Century School permit filed and accepted, remember to request for 2017 on the Monday following the ride
  • SAG – Renee
    • Still needs drivers, will start calling the membership list to ask for volunteers
    • Ordered 6 car magnets
    • Requests following verbiage added to registration information and FAQ:
      • Itascatur does not have the necessary safety equipment to transport children 8 years of age and younger or under 4’ 9”. If your children meet this criteria and are participating in the Headwaters 100 you will have to provide your own support and/or transportation to accommodate your children. (Child passenger restraint law:
  • Registrations – Shannon
    • Currently at 233 – about 80 behind last year.
    • We will have enough iPads/ laptops to accommodate check ins plus same-day registrations. We’ll be trying to avoid putting out paper registration forms and have all same-day sign ups go through Zap Event, where they type in their own information. They will still be able to pay by cash or check if they prefer.
    • Have the Paypal chip reader for taking credit cards. Need to get it set up with the app.
    • Have jerseys on order to fill orders placed plus a few on hand to cover same day sales.
    • Looked into wrist band costs. Last year registration thought it would be a good idea to use wrist bands to identify people who had checked in before giving them a t-shirt. (Check-in is crucial.) SAG has also requested some way to identify HW riders. Costs:
      • ½” silicone wrist band (in navy to match shirts) with “Headwaters 100 2016” printed will be $95; adding “” will be $130. Will ship in 12 days.
    • Will order ASAP (per group agreement)
  • Route signs and maps – Mike W
    • We have 460 maps left over from last year. Mike W. will order 1000 maps (to have for next year as well). Will change Itasca food stop close time to 12:30.
    • Discussion to put SAG phone number on map – decided to have signs at registration and food stops with Renee’s phone number so people can type it in their phone or snap a photo if they feel they will need that back up. Routes are well covered for SAG so riders won’t really need to have a SAG number.
  • T-Shirts – Nikki
    • Nikki is in touch with Tracey about shirts. Shannon will provide updated numbers for ordering as needed.
    • Nikki suggested caps for volunteers. Idea went over well.
  • Food – Mike P
    • Mike P. passed around food spreadsheet to go over needs/ changes.
    • Comments on food quantities taken from food stop chairs.
      • Decided purchasing beverage servers would be too costly at this time ($99 per 5 gallon server).
      • Need 2 coffee containers at Itasca; one at Century
      • Need one hot water at Century
      • Coffee thermoses come from PR Chamber/ 2d St. Stage/ Itasca Mantrap/ R&R if needed
      • Chamber has 6 water coolers for Power Aid plus tents and weights
    • Cathy Peterson will provide walk off mats and trail mix
    • Need to locate the roasters
    • Eric H has sourced baby reds for the Great Potato Experiment. (Thanks to Bill Harsha for providing them.) Eric will cook them and deliver them to Mantrap food stop.
    • Distribution at Perez garage the on Friday Sept. 23. Group will meet at noon for lunch then got to garage (meeting place TBD)
    • Post inventory will be Monday Sept. 26 at Perez garage.
  • Port A Potties – Janine
    • Janine has Port A Potties ready to go. Sandy will call to see about leaving Dorset potties open for riders.
  • Food Stops
    • Kevin has notified the Lions and they are on board.
    • Sandy Perez/ Barb Jauquet-Kalinosky/ MichelleThieman will handle Mantrap and line up volunteers.
      • Last year Diane Brophy had portable bike racks available for use, see if they can be used at Mantrap and possibly Itasca food stops.
    • Stacy Feder and the Nevis Track Team are good to go for the Nevis stop.
      • Itasca donates $500 to Nevis Track Team for their help.
  • Volunteer t-shirt numbers needed at next meeting – coordinators need to contact their volunteers and ask for sizes to be turned in by September 15th.
  • Post-ride activity will be decided next meeting.
  • Volunteer thank you will be held the same time as Soaring Eagle clean up (tentative dates Oct. 23 or 29 – prefer weekend of 22-23 with 29-30 as alternate.)

Next meeting September 15, 2016 at Coldwell Banker, 5:00 PM
Meeting adjourned.

Meeting Minutes