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Lowering your prices cost for designer handbags and handbag suppliers is becoming simpler than any time in the past. So many wholesalers are offering these items online, which has forced competitive prices to drop. Since the supply is growing faster than deman, prices are dropping - it's simple economics that works out completely in your favor!

Many individuals or small start up businesses will sell handbags online via ebay, or at local bargain centers or markets. These are often times purchased through wholesale handbags vendors. The great news is that high prices do not need to be paiany longer to obtain high quality designer handbags.

When we searched the web we were able to find both knock off and original handbags as low as $5 per item. Many of these items are either imitation products or originals that were liquidated from large department stores. Yes, actual original brands are available on the internet at below retail pricing. Many handbags wholesalers will sell department store items at extremely low prices because the department stores were clearing out for new styles to hit their shelves.

When trying to find wholesale handbags you must search the internet with certain search terms to narrow down your results. We would say that a good place to start is to look using terms such as handbag Wholesalers and Wholesale handbags to find what you are looking for. You can limit your results by looking for specific brands such as gucci and prada - or you can use terms such as designer, fasion, purses, wallets etc. This will help you to fine tune exactly what you are looking for and clear out a lot of bad results.

Some of the brands that we have located on the internet are Fendi, Gucci Handbags, Prada, Tods and Louis Vuitton. So you can locate quality goods at unmatched and sale pricing.

When you are browsing the internet for wholesale handbags we recommend you shop around and shop smart. This will help you to protect your self from any scams and bad products. Make sure the company you purchase from offers telephone sales and support, focus ont the terms of the sale. If you call a companies customer service line, you can often times get a feel for whether or not the company is legitimate or not. Some companies will also offer discounted or free shipping on large orders, so don't be shy - just ask.

Another point to focus on when looking for Louis Vuitton Handbags is to browse through comparison shopping web sites. These sites will walk you through all the pros and cons of specific retailers. They will offer total order price including Shipping costs. Often times you can also read reviews about the companies you are purchasing from as well which will help you to make your decision.

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Headwaters 100

The Headwaters 100 ride will be held Saturday, September 26, 2015.

Headwaters 100 bike ride Park Rapids, MN

Refreshments are included in registration. Food and Beverage stops will be located along the course. Facilities will be located at start, food stops, and finish line.


Please note price changes this year.
Also, no t-shirts are included with registrations 9/21 - 9/26.

Route map

Rules of the Road

Itascatur asks that you follow the rules of the road when cycling. Minnesota law gives bicyclists the same rights and privileges as drivers of other vehicles. Cyclists must be familiar with and obey all traffic laws applying to using the road.
Highlights of the law:

For the full text of Minnesota Bicycle Traffic laws, please visit Revisor.mn.gov - 2014 Bicycle Statutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ image linkWe've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions here: Headwaters 100 FAQ.

Registration will be open soon, watch this space or our Facebook group for more information.

Headwaters 100 bike ride Park Rapids, MN
Headwaters 100 bike ride in Park Rapids, MN

Click here to view the Headwaters 100 slideshow! The slideshow features music from one of our past food-stop entertainers, dancing Light. We're very excited to share everything we love about the Headwaters 100 with you!

'New' graphic Itascatur's favorite rides!

Check out Itascatur's favorite rides- a list of our favorite getaways around our neck of the woods- and lakes! Itascatur has mapped some of their most-traveled routes at Map My Ride and we would like to share them with you. Map My Ride gives details of the ride as well- difficulty, elevation, distance, etc. You can also download an app to your iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone so you can take advantage of Map My Ride on the go. Click here to see Itascatur's favorite rides!

Thank you!

Itascatur wants to thank you, our riders, for making 2014 another great year for the Headwaters 100 ride! We had some fantastic weather for riding.

This year we had 574 from 10 states and Canada.

  • 307 riders chose the 100 mile route
  • 112 chose the 75 mile route
  • 155 rode the 45 mile route

Way to go!

'New' graphic Headwaters 100 Training Guide

Written by Neil King of Up North Athletics. Click on the links to download a printable .pdf file to assist in your training.

Riding plan (.pdf, 20kb)

Ride details (.pdf, 20kb)

Training tips (.pdf, 20kb)

Headwaters 100 2015!

Save the date! September 26, 2015 will be the date of the next Headwaters 100. Watch this space for registration information!