Canoe Club 2021

Ready to paddle? After canceling last year’s floats a record number of people met at a tree farm near Laporte to schedule this season’s Headwaters Canoe Club cruses through the rivers/creeks and lakes of Hubbard, Cass, and Beltrami counties.

Precautions have been made due to COVID, all floats this season will be out and back using the same access, avoiding having to ride in crammed shuttle vehicles for pick up. Hence, there will be less river trips and more exploring of lakes this year.

The floats are open to everyone bringing their own canoe or kayak. Contact the host for the cruise you are interested in and provide a contact number so you are aware of any changes or updates.

The trips are very laid back, all are welcome, There are also a couple of bike rides scheduled.

I’ve given the last float for many seasons on Mantrap, but this year replaced with Star Island on Cass Lake. We paddle to the island then portage to a lake on the island and paddle It will be a full moon that night.

I haven’t paddled many of the lakes but call if have questions. My Mantrap float is June 22. Come and have a slice of rhubarb pie.